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Kevin J. Maher Interior Design                                                email: kevin@kevinjmaher.com
Plam Springs, CA 92264                                                         760-770-3751

The CLIENT and the DESIGNER agree as follows:
The project pretains to the following areas within the Client's residence located at:  

                                                      (address of residence or property)
(list areas below)
           Living Room                 Entry Hall                        Master Bedroom                Guest Bedroom No. 1
           Dining Room                Powder Room                 Master Bath                       Guest Bedroom No. 2
           Kitchen                         Family Room                  Master Closet                     Guest Bath


1.    Design Concept Services

1.1 In this phase of the Project, Designer shall, as and where appropriate, perform the following:

A.  Determine Client's design preferences and requirements
B.  Conduct initial Design Study
C.  Prepare drawings and other materials to generally illustrate designer's suggested interior               
      design concepts to include color schemes, interior finishes, wall coverings, ceiling treatments,   
       lighting treatments, and window treatments.
D.  Prepare layout showing location of movable furniture and furnishings.
E.  Prepare schematic plans for recommended cabinet work, interior built-ins and other interior   
      decorative details (interior installations).  
1.2  Designer shall be compensated for it
's Design Concept Services on an hourly basis at the rate set
    forth in paragraph 4.1 of this agreement.

Design consultation fees will be invoiced to client on a monthly basis and payable by client
   upon reciept of invoice.
Upon signing this agreement, Designer shall recieve a non-refundable
   initial advance of  ______
Five Thousand________dollars (___$5,000.00____) which constitutes the               
   minimum fee due the Desi
gner for Design services. This advance will be credited against
   Consultation charges otherwise payable by Client to Designer for Design Concept Services.

2.  Interior Specifications and Purchasing Services

2.1   Upon Client's approval of the Design Concetps, Designer will, and where appropriate:
A.  Select and/or specifically design required interior installations and all required items of
      movable furniture, furnishings, light fixtures, hardware, fixtures, accessories, and the
      like (merchandise).
B.   Prepare and submit for Client's approval Proposals for completion of Interior Installations
      and Purchase of merchandis

2.2 Merchandise and Interior installations specified by Designer shall, if Client wishes to Purchase
 them, be purchased solely through Designer. Designer may, at times, request Client to engage
 others to provide interior installations, pursuant to the arrangments set forth in the Project Review
 services described in paragraph 3 of this agreement.

2.3 Merchandise and Interior Installations to be purchased through Designer will be specified in a
 written proposal prepared by Designer and submitted in each instance for Client's written approval.
 Each Proposal will describe the item and its price to Client (F.O.B. point of orgin). The price of each
 item to Client (client price) shall be the amount charged to Designer by supplier of such item
 (whosale/ supplier price), plus Designer mark-up. The Designer Mark-up is
Twenty-Five Percent (25%)
 Retail purchases will be charged to Client at retail prices, and 15-30% will be applied.

2.4 No item can be ordered by Designer until the proposal has been approved by Client, in writing,
 and returned to Designer with Designer's required intital payment equal to Fifty percent (50%)
 of the Client price.
 The balance of the Client price, together with delivery , shipping, handling charges and applicable
 sales taxes is payable when the item is ready for delivery to and/or installation at Client's residence,
 or to a subsequent supplier for further work upon rendition of Designer's invoice. Proposals for fabrics,
 wallcoverings, accessories, antiques, and items pruchased at auction or at retail stores require full           
 payment at time of signed proposal.  

3.  Project Review

3.1  If the nature of the Project requires engagment by Client of any contractors to perform  work based upon  
Designer's concepts, drawings or interior specifications not otherwise provided for in the inteirior Specifications and
Purchasing Services, Client will enter into contracts directly with the concerned contractor. Client shall provide
Designer with copies of all contracts and invoices submitted to Client by the contractors.

3.2  Designer will make periodic visits to the Project site as Designer may consider appropriate to observe the work of
these contractors to dertermine whether the contractor's work is proceeding in general conformity with Designer's
concepts. Constant managment of the Project SIte is not part of the Designer's duties. Designer is not responsible for
the performance,
quality, timely completion or delivery of any work, materials or equipment furnished by contractors
pursuant to direct contracts with Client.

3.3   Designer shall be entitled to recieve a fee equal to __
Fifteen Percent (15) % of the Amount to be paid by Client  
to each contractor performing any work based upon Designer's Concepts, drawings, specifications (Project Review
Fees).  Project review fees shall be payable by Client to Designer upon payment to contractor.

4.   Miscellaneous

4.1   Should Designer agree to perform any design service not described above, such additoinal Service will be
invoiced to Client at the following hourly rates:

Design Principal                        __
$125.00      per hour
Assistant Designer                    __$_NA_____per hour

Consultation charges will be invoiced to Client monthly, and are payable upon reciept of invoice.

4.2   Disbursments incurred by Designer in the interest of the Project shall be reimbursed by Client to Designer upon
reciept of Designer's invoices. Reimbursments shall include, among other things, duplication of plans, drawings
messenger services and the like.

4.3   Designer's drawings and specifications are conceptual in nature and intended to set forth Design intent only.
They are not to be used for architectural or engineering purposes.

4.4   Designer's
services shall not include undertaking any responsibility for the design or modificatoin of the design of
any structural, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, ventilation or other mechanical systems installed to to be
installed at the project.

4.5   Should the nature of the Designer's design concepts require the services of any other
design professional or
architect, such professional shall be engaged directly by Client pursuant to seperate agreement as may be mutually
acceptable to Client and such other design professional.

4.6   As designer requires a record of Designer's Projects, Client will permit Designer to Photograph the Project upon
completion. Designer will be entitled to use photographs for Designer's business purposes but shall not disclose
Project locaton or Client's name without Client's prior written consent.

4.7   All concepts, drawings and specifications prepared by Designer and all copyrights and other Proprietary rights
applicable thereto remain at all times Designer's property.

4.8   Designer cannot guarantee that actual prices for Merchadise and/or interior installations or other costs or
services as presented to Client will not vary eithe
r by item or in the aggregate from any Client proposed budget.

4.9   This agreement may be terminated by either party upon w
hether party's default of performance, provided that
termination may not be effected unless written notice specifing the nature and exent of default is given to the
concerned party and such party fails to cure default in performance within 30 days from the date of rece
ipt if such
notice. Termination will
be without prejudice to any and all other rights and remedies of Designer and Client shall
remain liable for all outstanding obligations owed by Client to Designer and for all items of Merchandise, interior
intallations and other services on order as of the termination date.

4.10   In
addition to all other legal rights, designer shall be entitled to withold delivery of any items of merchadise, or
the further performance of interior installatoins or any other service, should the Client fail to timely make any payments
due Designer.

4.11   Client will provide De
signer with access to the Project and all information Designer may need to complete the
project. It is Client's responsibility to obtain all approvals required by any govermental agancy or otherwise in
connection with this project.

4.12   Any Sales Tax applicable to Design Fees, and/or Merchandise purchased from Designer, and/or interior
installations completed by Designer shall be the responsibility of the Client.

4.13   This agreement is a complete statement of Designer's and Client's understanding. No representations or
agreements have been made other that those contained in this agreement. This agreement can be modified only in
writing signed by both Designer and Client.



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